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February 04, 2022
Friday, February 4, 2022
Out of the wreck I rise.
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Robert Browning

With this short but poignant line, 19th-century poet Robert Browning imagined the title character of his poem “Ixion” rising out of hell after gaining insight into his wrongdoings. The poem follows the Greek myth of the same name about the wicked king of the Lapiths, who is remembered for his deceitful dalliances with the gods and his eternal punishment in the underworld. The myth is frequently referenced in classical literature, but Browning decided that rather than have his subject stay bound in suffering forever, Ixion should learn from his mistakes, repent for his actions, and ultimately find redemption. No matter how many wrong turns we take, Browning implies, we can always find hope, grace, and renewal.

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