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October 01, 2022
Saturday, October 1, 2022

Success is terrifying. Like happiness, it is often appreciated in retrospect.

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Julie Andrews

Few actors have enjoyed a more prolific and sustained career than Dame Julie Andrews, who took home the Academy Award for her feature film debut in 1964's "Mary Poppins." Andrews became an overnight sensation for that role, and her renown was only further solidified through her acclaimed portrayal of Maria von Trapp in "The Sound of Music" the following year. Her rapid ascension to stardom adds extra weight to this quote, which she gave in a 1966 interview with "This Week" magazine. While we all strive for success, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by our achievements, and many of us forget to stop and appreciate those little nuggets of happiness along the way. As life goes on, don't wait until the only option is to reminisce about the past; instead, pause, draw a breath, and take in the moment.

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What sitcom character said this? "One must champion oneself and say, I am ready for this!"
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